Having a son that plays youth baseball, and growing up in baseball with playing, scouting, coaching these past 40+ years, and now working in the corporate world of sports marketing the last six years, I have searched on line for different coaching techniques to share with the kids that I have coached, advice on MLB Draft or College Recruiting, product reviews, training manual and guides, events or showcases to attend, and more. The process has alwasy been to search google for specific needs I am interested in learning more about, or needing to understand more about in the game of baseball. I am always taken to separate baseball sites, pages, or blogs, which then results me saving multiple pages on my computer. Friends and other parents are always asking my advice on what exactly they should look for online as they have their own questions related to their youth, high school, or college baseball player. Searching the internet for things at times when you are not exactly sure what you are searching for can be extremely time consuming, and exhausting.


So, on top of the main reason I created Blyleven's Dugout, to provide professional detailed evaluations of a player's ability and mechanics, and offer corrective feedback to help a player anywhere in the world be better, the second reason was to consolidate as much great baseball knowledge from multiple reliable sources on the web from so many great coaches, teams, and organizations all in one place. The main goal here is to be a useful, educational, reliable, fun resource for all parents, players, and coaches looking to help themselves or their player(s) become better.

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Blyleven's Dugout

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Always work hard with an open mind, passion for creativity, love, and a drive for success as BMC helps transform the customer journey from hero to guide, and common person to hero. Always moving forward.

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