Blyleven’s Marketing Consultancy was created by Todd Blyleven, who grew up in the professional sports world with his dad, Major League Baseball “Hall of Famer”…Bert Blyleven. Todd was a Professional Baseball Player as well, Scouted Professionally, and has mentored and coached professional to youth athletes for just over 25 years. Taking his competitive and adaptive nature into the corporate world of sports, Blyleven has managed and directing hundreds of successful marketing campaigns for global product brands such as SKLZ, Shock Doctor, Cutters Sports, McDavid, Nathan Sports, XO Athletic, OrderMyGear, and Factory Athletics. 


BMC has worked with iconic sports brands and organizations such as the NBA, MLB, NFL, USA Hockey, Little League, USSSA, USA Football, USA Basketball, and many many more.

Our Mission:

Always work hard with an open mind, passion for creativity, love, and a drive for success as BMC helps transform the customer journey from hero to guide, and common person to hero. Always moving forward.

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Bringing Life to Brands, and Brands to Life

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