Special message from Coach Todd Blyleven:

One very important lesson we must all learn as we are all trying to be the best player we can be, is that we are all unique and will develop differently than the next player. Work on good throwing mechanics first. Have a routine, and set small attainable goals on what you are trying to do each day as you develop your arm strength.

Below, you will find a downloadable PDF sheet from Jaeger Sports detailing an amazing arm strength program using arm bands designed for these exercises. Every position player and pitcher ages 12 and up should be doing these exercises three times a week.


Take care of your body, stay strong, and most importantly have FUN on the baseball field.

- Coach Todd

The Jaeger Arm Band Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Alan Jaeger Arm Band Routine

For more information on how to get your "J-Band" Arm strengthening bands, visit Jaeger Sports @



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Youth Arm Strength and Routine

Professional Arm Strength Routine altered to maximize any youth baseball players ability!

In this video, Steve Bernhardt of Baseball Factory makes recommendations for keeping young pitchers healthy while also getting them into a routine that will help them build arm strength.

Baseball Arm Exercises with Coach Todd Blyleven

Coach Todd Blyleven shows some baseball arm exercises using the SKLZ Baseball Bands. You can use any good strength band here for these exercises. Just make sure they are securely fastened to a secure, stationary object, and not in a position where the fastened part can snap back and hit you in the neck, head, or face area. Always use caution when performing these types of exercises and go out at your speed and your resistance. 

Alan Jaeger, and Jim Vatcher, two of the world's best arm strength coaches in basebell, explain how to properly p[lay long toss catch.

Alan Jaeger, and Jim Vatcher, two of the world's best arm strength coaches in baseball, explain how to properly strengthen your arm by playing long toss catch. Here he offers an incredible routine that all baseball players age 12 and older should follow.

Balanz Board - Push-Up

Balanz Board - Push-Up by SKLZ

To develop upper body strength and stability, do push ups on the Balanz Board.

Sidelying Shoulder Internal Rotation Stretch

Sidelying Shoulder Internal Rotation Stretch by SKLZ

An effective move to help establish proper internal rotation of the dominant shoulder.

Reverse Lunge with Rotation

Reverse Lunge with Rotation by SKLZ

This movement helps improve your dynamic hip rotation and generates much more power and explosive force for improved single leg performance.

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