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  • How to Improve Your Pitch Control and Command, and MORE...

"I was so blessed to have been taught pitching and the game of baseball from so many great MLB players and coaches growing up, I want to share these teachings with you!" - Coach Todd Blyleven

Coach Todd Blyleven

Who is he, and why does he love to coach?

Todd Blyleven has been around Professional Baseball his entire life. He grew up on a Pro Ball field traveling and learning the game with his Dad who played 23 MLB seasons. Todd was also a Pro player, Pro Scout, and has coached the game at the amateur level for over 22 years.


"I've always said that I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to be around and learn the game from so many great players, coaches, scouts, baseball operational staff, and youth organizational owners and directors, along with learning from the everyday youth, high school, and college coach. I love to coach, and help each player work on their game to be the best player they can be. Baseball has been my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way."


Online baseball instruction to help you move forward in your game.


Explore the mental side and creating positive routines to help your game achieve success.

Enter the Free video room to watch and learn from so many great coaches and players.



Professional training eBooks, baseball guides & manuals for the players, coaches, and of course parents too.

"Blyleven's Dugout" is a one-stop-shop for any baseball player of any level, parent, coach, or fan of the game. It has everything from coaching tips, player evaluations, recommendations on products, agility and mental training. It has a free video room, advice on the MLB Draft, College recruitment, and much more! 

The site has everything to help you become stronger, more physical, smarter, and just a more balanced, well rounded player. Learn today from Blyleven's Dugout!

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Always work hard with an open mind, passion for creativity, love, and a drive for success as BMC helps transform the customer journey from hero to guide, and common person to hero. Always moving forward.

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