Truth | Honesty | Perseverance | Loyalty | Integrity

Todd Blyleven

“I believe that failure in our lives brings opportunity for a greater story of success!”

  • Former Pro Athlete & Coach

  • Survivor of Las Vegas Mass Shooting Oct 2017

  • Expert in Sports Marketing and Team Building

  • Loving Husband and Dad of three beautiful kids



What your team or company will learn:
  • Motivation on “How to focus and achieve your inner greatness”

  • Introverts vs Extroverts and how they can get along in the workplace or on the field of play

  • Dealing with and overcoming adversity

  • Companywide, or Team integration/collaborations

  • Setting personal Goals and setting yourself up for success

  • Learning how to disagree, and how to personally accept failure

  • Understanding your companies, or team Goals and your role on the team

  • Inner Strength to find peace, love, and harmony in the workplace, or on a team

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