How does this partnership benefit you?

Both Baseball Factory and NCSA have a National Player Database where every college coach in the country searches daily to find their next student-athlete to attend their college and help their team win. We are combining forces to give you the strengths of each company rolled into one program. The "Champions Program" will help each athlete be discovered, find the "right" school, and guide the parents through difficult decisions and planning to then help their son or daughter have success throughout their college journey.

How will the "Champions Program" offering help you?

With both companies combining forces for this program offering, not only will your player profile page have the chance to be seen 2X the normal rate by colleges all over the country, but the additional benefits of the 24/7 "hand-holding" guidance will help you through one of the toughest most difficult decisions in your lifetime...selecting the "right" college for you or your student-athlete.

2x exposure

Increase your chances of being seen by 2X the college coaches Nationwide!

college tracking

See which college programs are looking at your profile page!

match fit program

This program will help you find the "right" college for your athletic and academic future!

college database

Research College Programs and Academic offerings to help you find the "right" college!

Path to college program

This extensive "hand-holding" program helps guide you through the College Recruiting Journey

Online Athletic Recruiting Profile (including video) – (Double your chances for exposure)

Student-Athletes will have their online athletic recruiting profile hosted in the NCSA Database where college coaches search for recruits.  Student-athletes can add their athletic (stats, schedules, etc.) and academic information (GPA, transcript, test scores) that coaches are interested in, as well as their Baseball Factory video and evaluation/scouting report.  This gives Baseball Factory players who participate with NCSA two databases (one with NCSA and one with Baseball Factory) where college coaches can search and view their player profiles – doubling the exposure.


Manage/Track Coach Activity –

Student-Athletes can then use their Coach Activity Report to see which coaches are searching for players like them, and which coaches have viewed their profile, giving them a competitive advantage in recruiting.  They will also have access to Roster Openings, which are posted by college coaches looking to fill specific roster needs.


Finding the Right Fit Schools –Digital Program Helping you find the “Right” school

Once a Student-Athlete updates their own preferences and adds their Baseball Factory video and evaluation, our NCSA coaches will equate their Baseball Factory rating to an NCSA Baseball Rating.  Baseball Factory’s Chief Baseball Officer has worked with NCSA’s Lead Baseball Staff to understand the scouting scales and ensure the ratings are complimentary.  The athlete will then have a “match percentage” with every school that offers college baseball, based on the athlete’s preferences and the college’s requirements academically and athletically.  This will help student-athletes narrow down their own search in finding the best fit schools.


Ability to research and contact schools – Research and Contact School Center

Student-Athletes will be able to use their match percentages and the “college search” feature on NCSA to identify a list of “favorite” schools and they will be able to contact coaches at those schools directly through NCSA’s Message Center.


Education, guidance, and process management – “Path to College” Program guides you through the Recruiting Process

NCSA offers guidance on a school by school basis through its virtual “Path to College,” which ensures families know what they need to be doing and when with each school they are interested in pursuing.  Student-athletes will also have access to NCSA University, which provides education about the recruiting process through live classes hosted by Recruiting Coaches, interactive drills, and “Get Help” search feature.  NCSA’s Path to College further compliments the Baseball Factory Member’s Section to provide Baseball Factory athletes with a library of resources on college recruiting that is un-paralleled between the two Companies. 

How is this different than the other "showcase" or "recruiting" programs I am offered in emails?

Both Baseball Factory and NCSA are "National" organizations that work with student-athletes daily to help them find the "right" college that matches their needs as a student and as an athlete from every state in the country.


Baseball Factory is celebrating it's 25th year in business and has put together over $1Billion in Scholarships Funds, has had over 200,000 athletes go on to play College Sports, and has a Factory Alumni playing on 100% of all Division I programs today.


NCSA has orem orem orem...


We are not saying that other organizations are bad... what we are saying is that we have the history over 25 years of helping every type of player, student, and family find the right programs, have success in college, and our history proves it. Our databases are the most searched and trusted scouting sources for all college programs at every level. Baseball Factory is the Scouting Source to Baseball America and has over 500 MLB Players as alumni. 

We are here to help you find the "right" college to set you up for success in your life today!

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