Please add "three" Bronze, Silver, and Gold Horizontal Bars with details on whats included and pricing as you have currently with the options package currently being offered. The layout/look/feel currently is great, just nneed to adjust whats included, and pricing.

Please be sure to add the "Add On Options" here too as they relate to the Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages.

Below for Foundation Donation offering, can you please add four options so people that can not afford $99 can still donate? $10, $25, $50, $99.

Can you please add these forward/back options on top of this form/top of page too? I did not see this option when I was filling out the form and had to go back and just pressed my back arrow button and it took me back to the events page. This way people can see it both on top and below. Easier navigation. Thank you.

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