Digital Pitching Guide that teaches you how to be a great pitcher! Written by former Professional Player-Scout-Coach, Todd Blyleven.

Do you want to:

  • be a better pitcher?

  • throw more strikes?

  • have a stronger arm?

  • learn a good pre-game routine?

  • have more confidence on the mound?

  • know why MLB Hall of Fame pitchers were so great?

  • learn more about pitching grips and fielding your position?

"Coach Todd Blyleven has written a concise pitching book that I believe benefits coaches at every level.  There are so many practical takeaways within the book, that I have already begun to utilize with my high school pitchers.  Thank you Todd, for creating a book that is easy to read and packed full of useful information.  I highly recommend this book!" - Chris Cox, Reedy HS Varsity Baseball Coach, Frisco, TX

ONLY $15.00

Price of 1 lunch = 40+ years of Major League Baseball Pitching Knowledge

A portion of the proceeds from each book sale will be donated to "Children of Fallen Heros" fund.

“I have seen far too many pitchers get on the mound in a game or in practice with no plan or routine to have success. Even at the high school level, most pitchers go into a game not properly warmed up or prepared to pitch. Follow this routine, and it will prepare you to “Be Great”!” 

- Coach Todd Blyleven

This book will help you become a better pitcher. See what's inside:

  • MLB Hall of Fame Pitchers list of "What it takes to be a great pitcher"

  • A professionally designed bullpen and pre-game routine to prepare for any pitching outing

  • Arm Strength and Throwing routine to help you keep your arm strong throughout the season

  • Five easy to understand steps to having a great pitching delivery, and the mechanical breakdown of each step

  • How to become a great fielder on the mound

  • Learn what a MLB Scout looks for in a pitcher

  • A breakdown of Pitching Grips and How to throw each pitch

  • ...and more


ONLY $15.00

Over 40 years of MLB Teachings for ONLY $15.00

"I was so blessed to have been taught the game of baseball from so many great MLB players and coaches growing up, I want to share these teachings with you!" - Coach Todd Blyleven

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