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  • In 1912 people gather in the streets of Washington to watch the Red Sox vs the New York Giants in the 1912 World Series.

  • In 1921 Baseball is broadcast on the radio for the first time. People would listen at home as the announcer would call play by play, and the people would keep score in their own scorebooks.

  • In 1924, people would go to the theatre to watch a game where the same illumination type scoreboard, but this time it was a field, would illuminate the play while the announcer would call it out over a loud speaker.

  • In 1947, The World Series was broadcast on live TV for the first time.

In the late 1990’s the mobile phone became more advanced and people could see news, stock reports, and game scores. Around 2010 the smartphone was introduced and around 2014 Wi-Fi networks became more available for online streaming of games, movies, and TV. This was the beginning of the digital sports boom.

Compare that with today's ESPN.com’s Gamecast. Up to the second live stats from anywhere, anytime. Plus people can now live stream a game anywhere, anytime in the world and feel connected to their favorite sport or athletes.


There is nothing like one-on-one private coaching at a field or indoor facility. To really work on the game in depth with a coach, or team is essential to a players overall development as a player and athlete.


The average cost for todays private baseball lesson is $40 per half hour. That's approximately $160 per month. Average time spent traveling to and from the lesson is approximately an hour and a half. Time well spent as long as you have the time, and the money.


Today, the technical advancement in coaching has reached new levels. You can now be told your bat plane is off 5 degrees at impact, or your hands are separating with a minus 10 degree drop as it approaches the Hit Zone, or that your bat speed is simply too slow. What does all this mean, and is it all too confusing for today's average player, coach, and parent?

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